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August 16, 2017
July 5, 2017
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Software Description

IP Watcher is a free software application which can monitor your public and local IP address and send an alert when an IP address change is detected. It is easily downloaded and installed as the file size is only about 1.5 MB. In our testing the installation was quick and to the point with just a couple clicks and IP Watcher was up and running. A clean and friendly user interface was then presented and displayed the “Status” window. This tab lists the computer’s name, public ip address, local ip address as well as buttons to toggle on or off the options to send email alerts and text alerts when an ip address change is detected.


Software Features

  • Monitor computer ip address for changes
  • Send sms text message alerts to your mobile phone or sms capable device
  • Send email alert when ip address changes
  • Display current local and public ip address in status window
  • Display computer name, local and public ip address in windows tray icon
  • Settings to toggle on or off email and text message ip address change notifications
  • Options to set the time interval of how often IP Watcher checks for changes to your ip address
  • Email settings form to enter email address details for sending email notifications
  • Text message settings form to enter your 10 digit mobile phone number and mobile carrier
  • History log screen shows your ip address history along with date and time the change occurred
  • IP Watcher runs as a windows service so the computer does not need to be logged in
  • Windows tray icon with status and menu to control application features
  • IP Watcher is a freeware application


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  1. I agree this is such a great product and it is actually free. Thanks for giving this software to us than can text me when my computer ip address changes. It’s so easy and free!

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