Free Antivirus: Should I Use a Free One?

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In the past there was no such thing as a truly free antivirus. You basically had just a few choices of paid AV’s that could really protect you. Now-a-days we have many to choose from (some free and some not free) and the old top dogs are starting to fade away as young hip companies fight for a piece of the multi-billion dollar antivirus market. So, the question is “Is it safe to use a free antivirus product and will it really protect my computer or device?” The short answer is YES, it is safe and there is one product in my research that does a very good job at keeping your computer protected for free. The winner is…


Avast Free Antivirus

In our personal tests as well as independent third party testing Avast Free Antivirus has come out on top of most paid security products. It is the best freeware product available and continually keeps improving in it’s added features and protection. So save some money and worry less…

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